Location of curb cuts

For accessory off-street parking facilities, automobile rental establishments and public parking lots, curb cuts are required for entry and exit to such parking facilities. Such curb cuts:

(a)        shall not be permitted within 50 feet of the intersection of any two street lines, except where the Commissioner of Buildings certifies that such location:

(1)        is not hazardous to traffic safety;

(2)        is not likely to create traffic congestion; and

(3)        will not unduly inhibit surface traffic or pedestrian flow.

The Commissioner of Buildings may refer such matter to the Department of Transportation, or its successor, for a report;

(b)        shall not be located within two and one-half feet of any side lot line of the zoning lot, or prolongation thereof;

(c)        for accessory off-street parking facilities and automobile rental establishments, shall not be located on a wide street, except where authorized pursuant to Section 13-441 (Curb cuts); and

(d)        for public parking lots, shall not be permitted on the following wide streets, except where authorized pursuant to Section 13-441:

(1)        14th Street, from Fourth Avenue to Seventh Avenue;

(2)        Avenue of the Americas, from 23rd Street to 32nd Street;

(3)        Canal Street, from the Bowery to West Broadway;

(4)        Church Street, from Park Place to Worth Street;

(5)        Delancey Street, from Clinton Street to the west side of Orchard Street;

(6)        Fifth Avenue;

(7)        Seventh Avenue, from 23rd Street to 32nd Street; and

(8)        Worth Street, from Centre Street to Church Street.