Street Wall Location

In the applicable Special Enhanced Commercial Districts indicated in the table in Section 132-13 (Applicability of Special Use, Transparency, Street Wall and Parking Regulations), the following provisions shall apply to a street wall or its prolongation fronting along a designated commercial street. The open area between the street line and street wall, or its prolongation, resulting from requirements set forth in this Section, shall be improved to Department of Transportation standards for sidewalks, be at the same level as the adjoining public sidewalk and be accessible to the public at all times. When applying requirements set forth in this Section, two or more adjacent developments or enlargements under common ownership or control shall be considered a single development or enlargement.

In Commercial and Manufacturing Districts, other than C4-4L Districts, mapped within Special Enhanced Commercial District 6, for developments or horizontal enlargements at the ground level, resulting in a street wall of 40 feet or wider, as measured along the street line of the designated commercial street, a sidewalk widening of five feet shall be provided along such street wall and its prolongation. A line parallel to and five feet from the street line of such street, as measured within the zoning lot, shall be considered the street line for the purpose of applying any applicable street wall provision.