Treatment of the ground level wall

For buildings developed after February 3, 1977, and for buildings enlarged on the ground floor level after February 3, 1977, at least 25 percent of the total surface area of the entire front wall of a development or the enlarged portion, up to a height of 12 feet above curb level or to the ceiling of the ground story, whichever is higher, shall be transparent. Transparent areas may include storefronts subject to Section 109-50. Door or window openings within such surface areas shall be considered transparent. Such opening shall have a minimum width of two feet. In addition, any portion of such building wall 20 feet or more in length, which contains no transparent areas at ground floor level, shall be covered with vines or similar planting in permitted front wall recesses, or be treated so as to provide visual relief from large expanses of blank walls. Planting shall consist of shrubs, ivy or creepers and shall be planted in soil having a depth of not less than 2 feet, 6 inches, and a minimum width of 24 inches.