Special provisions for park streets

For those streets designated as park streets, the following regulations shall apply:

(a)        Access restrictions

No curb cuts are permitted on such streets except that one curb cut is permitted for any residential, community facility or commercial use whose zoning lot has frontage only on a park street. For purposes of this Section, adjoining zoning lots in the same ownership shall be treated as one zoning lot.

For zoning lots with access to both park streets and non-park streets, the City Planning Commission may authorize one or more curb cuts on the park street, pursuant to the provisions of Section 107-68 (Modification of Group Parking Facility and Access Regulations).

(b)        Landscaping

One tree of at least three inch caliper, pre-existing or newly planted, shall be provided for each 400 square feet of area of the street sidewalk area. Trees shall be selected in accordance with the table set forth in Appendix B and shall be planted in the street sidewalk area.

(c)        Development and maintenance responsibility

The owner of each development abutting a park street shall have responsibility for landscaping and maintenance of that portion of the park street located between the front lot line and the curb.

Alternatively, maintenance responsibility may be vested in a properly constituted Home Association or other organization established for this purpose. Those segments of a park street which are abutted by land developed prior to the effective date of the Special District designation shall be developed, landscaped and maintained by the City of New York.