Special provisions for arterials

Along those streets designated as arterials, the following regulations shall apply:

(a)        Access restrictions

Curb cuts are not permitted along an arterial street on zoning lots with access to a non-arterial street. For zoning lots with access only to an arterial street, one curb cut is permitted along such arterial street. For purposes of this Section, adjoining zoning lots in the same ownership shall be treated as one zoning lot. Such access restrictions with regard to curb cuts shall not apply to schools, hospitals and related facilities, police stations or fire stations.

For zoning lots with access only to a arterial street, the City Planning Commission may, by certification, approve additional curb cuts for access to such arterial street when necessary to avoid adverse effects on the traffic flow of the arterial.

For zoning lots with access to both arterial and non-arterial streets, the Commission may authorize one or more curb cuts on the arterial street, pursuant to the provisions of Section 107-68 (Modification of Group Parking Facility and Access Regulations).

(b)        Building setback

Along portions of the arterials, as indicated on the District Plan, a 20 foot building setback shall be provided for the full length of the front lot line abutting such arterial. The front building setback area shall be unobstructed from its lowest level to the sky except as permitted by this Section. Where a front building setback area at least 35 feet in depth is provided, such setback area may be used for required accessory off-street parking or loading facilities. No portion of such required setback area may be used for open storage.

In the case of the service roads of the West Shore Expressway, a 30 foot building setback shall be provided and required off-street parking and loading facilities are permitted within such setback. Within the required front building setback, there shall be provided one tree of three-inch caliper or more, pre-existing or newly planted, for each 400 square feet of such front open area. The trees shall be selected in accordance with the table set forth in Appendix B.