General Provisions

In harmony with the general purpose and intent of this Resolution and the general purpose of the Special South Richmond Development District, the regulations of the districts upon which this Special District is superimposed are supplemented or modified in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. Except as modified by the express provisions of this Chapter, the regulations of the underlying districts remain in effect. In flood zones, or for transit-adjacent sites, as defined in Section 66-11 (Definitions), in the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Chapter and the provisions of Article VI, Chapter 4 (Special Regulations Applying in Flood Hazard Areas), or Article VI, Chapter 6 (Special Regulations Applying Around Mass Transit Stations), the provisions of Article VI shall control.

In addition to applicability as provided in Section 11-10 (ESTABLISHMENT AND SCOPE OF CONTROLS, ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS, AND INCORPORATION OF MAPS), the provisions of this Chapter shall apply to site alterations or subdivision of zoning lots, except:

(a)        public improvement projects for which preliminary design contracts were approved by the Board of Estimate prior to January 2, 1975, or for which title was vested by the City prior to September 11, 1975; and

(b)        any large-scale development for which an authorization or special permit was granted prior to September 11, 1975. For the purposes of this Chapter, the City Planning Commission may extend such authorization or special permit for a renewable term of one year provided that the Commission finds that the facts upon which the authorization or special permit was granted have not substantially changed and that the adoption of this amendment shall not constitute a substantial change of fact.

For all developments located within areas D, F or K as shown on the District Plan (Map 4 in Appendix A), the applicant shall obtain from the Commission a certification indicating that the development complies with the approved South Richmond Development Plan. As a condition for such certification, the Commission shall find that:

(1)        the minimum lot area for any commercial development is at least two acres;

(2)        vehicular access and egress for the development is arranged so that it affords the best means of controlling the flow of traffic generated by such development; and

(3)        due consideration has been given to relate the proposed development to the character of the surrounding area by providing suitable buffering, landscaping and building setbacks.

For such certification, the applicant shall submit to the Commission a site plan and drawings depicting the proposed buildings and location of off-street parking facilities, curb cuts and pedestrian walkways. For residential uses within Area K, the bulk and parking regulations of R3-2 Districts, as modified by this Chapter, shall apply.