Use Group M

Apparel or other textile products from textiles or other materials, including hat bodies or similar products

Bottling work, for non-alcoholic beverages

Brushes or brooms

Cameras or other photographic equipment, except film

Canvas or canvas products

Cork products

Cosmetics or toiletries

Electrical appliances (small), including lighting fixtures, irons, fans, toasters, toys, or similar appliances

Electrical equipment assembly (small), including home radio or television receivers, home movie equipment, or similar products, but not including electrical machinery

Electrical supplies, including wire or cable assembly, switches, lamps, insulation, dry cell batteries or similar supplies

Fur goods, not including tanning or dyeing

Glass products from previously manufactured glass

Hair, felt or leather products, except washing, curing or dyeing


Ice, dry or natural

Laboratories, research, experimental or testing except those that involve dangerous or potentially explosive activities or animals

Leather products, including shoes, machine belting, or similar products


Machine tools - small parts only

Machines, business, including typewriters, accounting machines, calculators, card-counting equipment, or similar products

Mattresses, including rebuilding or renovating

Musical instruments

Novelty products

Optical or precision instruments

Orthopedic or medical appliances, including artificial limbs, braces, supports, stretchers, or similar appliances

Printing or publishing

Sporting or athletic equipment, including balls, baskets, cues, gloves, bats, rods, or similar products

Statuary, mannequins, figurines, or religious art, excluding foundry operations

Textiles, spinning, weaving, manufacturing, printing, knit goods, yarn, thread or cordage, but not dyeing

Tobacco, including curing or tobacco products

Tools or hardware, including bolts, nuts, screws, doorknobs, drills or similar products



Vehicles, children's (bicycles, etc.)

Venetian blinds, window shades or awnings

Wood products, cabinet-making, pencils, baskets and other small products