Transparency requirements in the Core and South Subdistricts

In the Core and South Subdistricts, for non-residential uses located at the ground floor level, any portion of a ground floor level street wall that is subject to the floor area requirements of paragraph (b) of Section 87-411 (Ground floor uses) shall be glazed in accordance with the transparency requirements for designated retail streets set forth in Section 37-34 (Minimum Transparency Requirements), except that:

(a)        in the South Subdistrict, where the ground floor level street wall is occupied by uses in Use Groups 16, 17 or 18, up to 50 percent of the length of such ground floor level street wall may be exempt from such transparency requirements, provided that any street wall width exceeding 50 feet shall provide planting or screening in accordance with the provisions of (a)(1) or (b)(1) of Section 37-362 (Mitigation elements) pursuant to the provisions for Type 1 blank walls set forth in Section 37-361 (Blank wall thresholds); and

(b)        in flood zones, for buildings utilizing the provisions of Section 64-222 (Ground floor use), the provisions for Type 2 blank walls set forth in Section 37-361, except that only paragraph (b)(1) of Section 37-362 shall apply to such blank wall.

For the purposes of applying the provisions of Section 37-34, locations subject to the provisions of paragraph (b) of Section 87-411 shall be considered designated retail streets.