Uses not permitted

The following uses shall not be permitted:

A.        Transient Accommodations

Hotels, transient, except as provided in Sections 84-12 and 84-32

Motels, tourist cabins, or boatels

B.        Retail or Service Establishments

Electrical glazing, heating, painting, paper hanging, plumbing, roofing, or ventilating contractors' establishments


Funeral establishments

Lumber stores

Monument sales establishments

Moving or storage offices

Pawn shops

Printing establishments

Refreshment stands, drive-in

Sign painting shops

Taxidermist shops

Trade embalmers

Upholstering shops

Window cleaning contractors' establishments, including floor waxing and other similar building maintenance services

C.        Wholesale Establishments

Wholesale establishments

D.        Automobile Service Establishments

Automotive glass and mirror shops

Automotive seat cover or convertible top establishments

Automotive service stations

Tire sales establishments

E.        Public Service Establishments