Permitted projection

M1 M2 M3

In all districts, as indicated, except as otherwise provided in Section 42-542 (Additional regulations for projecting signs), no permitted sign shall project across a street line more than 18 inches for double- or multi-faceted signs or 12 inches for all other signs, except that:

(a)        in M1-5B, M1-5M and M1-6M Districts, for each establishment located on the ground floor, non-illuminated signs other than advertising signs may project no more than 40 inches across a street line, provided that along each street on which such establishment fronts, the number of such signs for each establishment shall not exceed two two-sided signs separated at least 25 feet apart, and further provided that any such sign shall not exceed a surface area of 24 by 36 inches and shall not be located above the level of the first story ceiling.

(b)        for zoning lots occupied by more than two theaters designed, arranged and used for live performances of drama, music or dance and located within the area bounded by West 34th Street, Eighth Avenue, West 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue, permitted signs may project across a street line no more than 4 feet, 6 inches, provided the height of any such signs shall not exceed 55 feet above curb level.