Uses permitted with restrictions

The following uses from Use Groups 16 and 17 are permitted in Special Mixed Use Districts subject to the certification requirements and locational restrictions of this Section:

From Use Group 16A:

Animal hospitals or kennels

Blacksmith shops

Carpentry, custom woodworking or custom furniture making shops

Fuel, oil, or coal sales, open or enclosed, limited to 5,000 square feet of lot area per establishment

Mirror silvering shops

Sign painting shops, with no limitation on floor area per establishment

Silver plating shops, custom

Soldering or welding shops

Tool, die, or pattern-making establishments, or similar small machine shops

Trade schools for adults, that use substances in quantities required under the City Right-to-Know Law to file a Risk Management Plan for Extremely Hazardous Substances

From Use Group 16B:

Automobile, truck, motorcycle or trailer body repairs, provided such use is conducted within a completely enclosed building

From Use Group 16D:

Carpet cleaning establishments

Dry cleaning or cleaning and dyeing establishments, with no limitation on type of operation, solvents, floor area or capacity per establishment

Laundries, medical or laboratory

Linen or towel supply establishments, where cleaning is done on the same zoning lot

Packing or crating establishments for substances in quantities required under the City Right-to-Know Law to file a Risk Management Plan for Extremely Hazardous Substances

Photographic developing or printing, with no limitation on floor area per establishment

Warehouses for substances in quantities required under the City Right-to-Know Law to file a Risk Management Plan for Extremely Hazardous Substances

Wholesale establishments selling, as part of their stock, substances in quantities required under the City Right-to-Know Law to file a Risk Management Plan for Extremely Hazardous Substances, with no limitation on accessory storage

From Use Group 17B (Manufacturing Establishments):

Adhesives, excluding manufacture of basic components

Advertising displays

Aircraft, including parts

Automobiles, trucks or trailers, including parts or rebuilding of engines

Beverages, non-alcoholic

Boats less than 200 feet in length, building or repair, open or enclosed, provided that such use or portion thereof may be conducted outside a completely enclosed building only if located at a distance greater than 200 feet from a Residence District boundary, or if effectively screened by a wall or fence at least eight feet in height with no boat building located less than 30 feet from a Residence District boundary

Brushes or brooms

Cameras or other photographic equipment, except film



Ceramic products, including pottery, small glazed tile, or similar products

Chemicals, compounding or packaging

Cosmetics or toiletries

Cotton ginning, or cotton wadding or linters

Electrical appliances, including lighting fixtures, irons, fans, toasters, electric toys, or similar appliances

Electrical equipment assembly, including home radio or television receivers, home movie equipment, or similar products, but not including electrical machinery

Electrical supplies, including wire or cable assembly, switches, lamps, insulation, dry cell batteries, or similar supplies

Film, photographic

Food products, except slaughtering of meat or preparation of fish for packaging

Ice, dry

Ink or inked ribbon

Laboratories, research, experimental or testing

Leather products, including shoes, machine belting, or similar products


Machines, business, including typewriters, accounting machines, calculators, card-counting equipment, or similar products

Machinery, miscellaneous, including washing machines, firearms, refrigerators, air-conditioning, commercial motion picture equipment, or similar products

Machine tools, including metal lathes, metal presses, metal stamping machines, woodworking machines, or similar products

Metal finishing, plating, grinding, sharpening, polishing, cleaning, rust-proofing, heat treatment, or similar products

Metal stamping or extrusion, including costume jewelry, pins and needles, razor blades, bottle caps, buttons, kitchen utensils, or similar products

Motorcycles, including parts

Musical instruments, including pianos or organs

Novelty products

Optical equipment, clocks or similar precision instruments

Orthopedic or medical appliances, including artificial limbs, braces, supports, stretchers, or similar appliances

Paper products, including envelopes, stationery, bags, boxes, shipping containers, bulk goods, tubes, wallpaper printing, or similar products

Perfumes or perfumed soaps, compounding only

Pharmaceutical products

Plastic products, including tableware, phonograph records, buttons, or similar products

Printing or publishing, with no limitation on floor area per establishment

Rubber products, such as washers, gloves, footwear, bathing caps, atomizers, or similar products, excluding manufacture of natural or synthetic rubber

Silverware, plate or sterling

Sporting or athletic equipment, including balls, baskets, cues, gloves, bats, racquets, rods, or similar products

Statuary, mannequins, figurines, or religious art goods, excluding foundry operations

Steel products, miscellaneous fabrication or assembly, including steel cabinets, doors, fencing, metal furniture, or similar products

Textiles, dyeing or printing

Tobacco, including curing, or tobacco products

Tools or hardware, including bolts, nuts, screws, doorknobs, drills, hand tools or cutlery, hinges, house hardware, locks, non-ferrous metal castings, plumbing appliances, or similar products



Vehicles, children's, including bicycles, scooters, wagons, baby carriages, or similar vehicles

Venetian blinds, window shades, or awnings, with no limitation on production or on floor area per establishment

Wood products, including furniture, boxes, crates, baskets, pencils, cooperage works, or similar products

Uses accessory to the preceding listed uses

Any use from Use Group 16 or 17, listed in this Section, may only locate in a building enlarged or developed after December 10, 1997, containing a use listed in Section 123-21 (Modification of Use Groups 2, 3 and 4), or share a common wall with such building:

(a)        upon certification by a licensed architect or engineer to the Department of Buildings that any such use listed in Use Group 16 or 17:

(1)        does not have a New York City or New York State environmental rating of "A", "B" or "C" under Section 24–153 of the New York City Administrative Code for any process equipment requiring a New York City Department of Environmental Protection operating certificate or New York State Department of Environmental Conservation state facility permit; and

(2)        is not required, under the City Right-to-Know Law, to file a Risk Management Plan for Extremely Hazardous Substances; or

(b)        in MX-19, upon the submission to the Department of Buildings of a copy of a restrictive declaration, in a form acceptable to the Department of Environmental Protection, that has been executed and recorded in the Office of the City Register against all tax lots with such use, binding the owners, successors, and assigns to provide any building design requirements consistent with the underlying zoning as may be approved by the Department of Environmental Protection to protect residents of such building from air contaminants, odors, vibrations, or noise.