In the Special Garment Center District, the City Planning Commission may permit a transient hotel as listed in Use Group 5, including motels, tourist cabins or boatels as listed in Use Group 7, that is not otherwise permitted pursuant to Section 121-10 (SPECIAL USE REGULATIONS), provided that:

(a)        the location of such proposed transient hotel within the Special District will not impair the achievement of a diverse and harmonious mix of commercial, manufacturing and community facility uses within Subdistrict A-1 and of residential, commercial, manufacturing and community facility uses in Subdistrict A-2, consistent with the applicable district regulations;

(b)        the site plan for such transient hotel demonstrates that the design is appropriate, does not impair the character of the area and incorporates elements that are necessary to address any potential conflicts between the proposed use and adjacent uses, such as the location of the proposed access to the building, the orientation of the building and landscaping;

(c)        such transient hotel use will not cause undue vehicular or pedestrian congestion on local streets; and

(d)        such transient hotel use# is consistent with the planning objectives of the Special District.

The Commission may prescribe additional conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.