In C3, C4, C5, C6, C7 or C8 Districts or in any Manufacturing District, the City Planning Commission may permit the construction, reconstruction, or enlargement of heliports and their facilities where the applicant has submitted a site plan showing the location of landing areas, in addition to all other information required in Section 74-20 (REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATIONS), provided that the following findings are made:

(a)        that the heliport is an appropriate use of the land and will not unduly interfere with surrounding land uses; and

(b)        that due consideration has been given to the selection of a site situated near or adjacent to large parks or other open areas, or bodies of water.

The Commission shall refer the application to the Federal Aviation Administration for the report of such agency as to whether the heliport is either an integral part of, or will not interfere with, the general plan of airports for New York City and the surrounding metropolitan region.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate additional conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.

The Commission shall require the provision of adequate accessory off-street parking spaces necessary to prevent the creation of traffic congestion caused by the curb parking of vehicles generated by such use and shall determine the required spaces in accordance with the purposes established in the Resolution with respect to other major traffic-generating facilities.