Open Automobile Rental Establishments

In C2 Districts within a one-half mile radius of the main entrance of La Guardia Airport, located at the intersection of Grand Central Parkway and the 94th Street Bridge, the City Planning Commission may permit open automobile rental establishments on zoning lots having a frontage of at least 200 feet on Ditmars Boulevard, provided that the following findings are made:

(a)        that such open use will not be incompatible with, or adversely affect the growth and development of, appropriate uses in the general area within which such open use is to be located;

(b)        that such open use will not create or contribute to serious traffic congestion and will not unduly inhibit surface traffic and pedestrian flow;

(c)        that such open use is so located as to draw a minimum of vehicular traffic to and through local streets in nearby residential areas;

(d)        that such open use has adequate reservoir space at the vehicular entrances to accommodate either 10 automobiles or five percent of the total parking spaces provided by the open use, whichever amount is greater, but in no event shall such reservoir space be required for more than 50 automobiles;

(e)        that the streets providing access to such open use will be adequate to handle the traffic generated thereby;

(f)        that acoustic barriers be installed around the parking areas to minimize noise impacts on surrounding properties;

(g)        that visual barriers be installed and properly maintained to screen the parking area from surrounding properties; and

(h)        that accessory automotive repairs, maintenance and car washing are within an enclosed building.

The Commission may prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area including limitations on signs, requirements for shielding of floodlights and for locations of entrances and exits.