Single- and two-family residences in required front yards

The provisions of Article V, Chapter 4, shall be modified in order to accommodate stair access in a front yard. Single- and two-family residences with non-complying front yards existing on October 28, 2012, may be relocated or reconstructed in a location further from the front lot line on the same zoning lot, and thereby create or increase an encroachment in a side yard, rear yard or rear yard equivalent, provided that:

(a)        any encroachment or further encroachment into a required side or rear yard or rear yard equivalent at the rear of the original building location is limited to a depth equal to the reduction of encroachment of the building, excluding stairs in the front yard;

(b)        a distance of at least eight feet shall be maintained between the rear wall of the building and all other residences on the same or adjoining zoning lots; and

(c)        at least four feet of a rear yard shall be free of any encroachment, measured perpendicular to the rear lot line, or, in a rear yard equivalent, at least eight feet shall be free of encroachment.