Screening Requirements for Parking Within or Below Buildings

The provisions of this Section shall apply to all buildings, other than:

(a)        single or two-family residences; and

(b)        in C8 Districts and Manufacturing Districts, other than Special Mixed Use Districts, buildings containing predominantly Use Group 16, 17 or 18 uses.

Buildings in existence prior to October 9, 2013, shall not be altered in any way that will create a new non-compliance or increase the degree of non-compliance with the provisions of this Section.

Where the flood-resistant construction elevation is five or more feet above curb level and the street wall of a building is within 50 feet of the street line, for any level where off-street parking is provided within or below a building, such parking shall be screened from the street line with a street wall that is at least 50 percent opaque. Each one-foot square portion of such street wall shall comply individually with this requirement.

In case of a conflict between the provisions of this Section and the provisions of another Chapter, the more restrictive provisions shall apply.