Authorization for Electrical Utility Substations

Electrical utility substations shall be allowed in the Special Hudson Yards District in order to serve the needs of the Special District, and the regulations thereof shall be modified as necessary to accommodate the operational needs of the substation, upon authorization of the City Planning Commission which shall be issued upon finding, with respect to a proposed site, that:

(a)        to the extent reasonably permitted by the operational needs of the substation, the architectural and landscaping treatment of such use will blend harmoniously with the abutting area; and

(b)        if the site proposed for such use is Subareas D4 or D5 of the Hell’s Kitchen Subdistrict D of the Special Hudson Yards District, that there are difficulties in locating such use in other Subdistricts of the Special Hudson Yards District.

The Commission may, consistent with cost-effective operations and capital planning, and the operational needs of the substation, prescribe appropriate conditions and safeguards on matters necessary to effectuate the provisions of paragraph (a) of this Section which are not regulated by other applicable codes, laws, rules or regulations. The applicant shall provide the Department of City Planning with a general description of such codes, laws, rules or regulations and a certification that the proposed substations shall comply therewith.