Location of required retail space

For any development or enlargement fronting on the ground floor level of designated retail streets, as shown on Map 4 in Appendix A, the street frontage of the building shall be allocated exclusively to the uses set forth in Section 91-12 (Uses on Designated Retail Streets). However, uses located within lobby or entrance spaces, subway station improvements or pedestrian circulation spaces that do not front on the ground floor level of the street shall be in accordance with the provisions for permitted uses of the underlying district.

Where the street frontage occupied by all building entrances is 20 feet or more in width, the amount of street frontage occupied by lobby space, entrance space and building entrance recesses shall not exceed, in total, 40 linear feet or 25 percent of the building's total street frontage, whichever is less, exclusive of any frontage occupied by a relocated subway stair or the entrance area to a bonused subway station improvement.

Storefronts for permitted ground floor uses shall be no more than 10 feet from the street line or, where an arcade is provided with supporting columns at the street line, no more than 10 feet from the supporting columns.