Use Group 13

C7 C8

Use Group 13 consists of open or low coverage uses, mostly open amusement establishments, which either:

(1)        generate noise and traffic, particularly at night, and are therefore not appropriate in local retail or local service areas; or

(2)        attract customers for special purposes not associated with retail shopping, and are therefore not appropriate in local, secondary, major or central shopping areas.

A. Amusements, Open or Enclosed

Camps, overnight or outdoor day [PRC-H]

Children's amusement parks, provided that the total area of the zoning lot shall not exceed 10,000 square feet, and that no amusement attractions shall be located within 20 feet of a Residence District boundary [PRC-E]

Circuses, carnivals or fairs of a temporary nature [PRC-E]

Commercial beaches or swimming pools [PRC-E]

Golf driving ranges [PRC-E]

Miniature golf courses [PRC-E]

Outdoor roller skating rinks [PRC-E]

Outdoor skateboard parks, provided that the total area of the zoning lot, excluding the area used for accessory off-street parking spaces, shall not exceed two acres, and provided further that temporary enclosure of the skating runs, such as air supported structures, shall not be permitted [PRC-E]

Outdoor skating rinks [PRC-E]

Theaters [PRC-D]

B. Retail Establishments

Banquet halls [PRC-D]

Catering establishments [PRC-B1]

Refreshment stands, drive-in [PRC-H]

C. Service Establishments

Boat fuel sales, open or enclosed, without restriction as to location [PRC-C]

D. Accessory uses