Enclosure and screening requirements

(a)        Accessory off-street parking facilities

All accessory off-street parking spaces shall be located within a completely enclosed building, with the exception of parking spaces accessory to a hospital, as listed in Use Group 4, and as provided in Section 13-45 (Special Permits for Additional Parking Spaces). In addition, such parking facilities shall comply with the following provisions:

(1)        Screening

Any portion of an accessory off-street parking facility that is located above curb level shall comply with the applicable parking wrap and screening provisions set forth in Section 37-35.

(2)        Transparency

Portions of ground floor commercial and community facility uses screening the parking facility in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (a) of Section 37-35 shall be glazed with transparent materials in accordance with Section 37-34.

For zoning lots with multiple street wall frontages, the transparency provisions of this paragraph, (a)(2), need not apply to street walls that are located entirely beyond 100 feet of any portion of the accessory parking facility, as measured in plan view, perpendicular to such parking facility.

(b)        Automobile rental establishments

All off-street parking within an automobile rental establishment shall be located within a completely enclosed building and shall comply with the screening provisions of paragraph (a) of this Section. Accessory office space and customer waiting areas associated with such establishments shall constitute commercial floor area for the purposes of such screening requirement.

(c)        Public parking lots and certain permitted accessory parking lots

Public parking lots and open parking spaces accessory to a hospital shall provide screening in accordance with the provisions of 37-921 (Perimeter landscaping).